Loft conversion photos
After living with my computer in the lounge for a while I decided I would convert
my loft space into more friendly accommodation with a view to moving my computer
up there out of the way. My loft is pretty big with the apex nearly 13 feet high
in the centre. The floor area is approximately 25 feet by 24 feet with only a
few supporting cross beams. There were a few beams perpendicular to the rafters
running across the loft which presumably had been used as spacers when the
rafters were laid. Being reluctant to do anything that could affect the structure
of the roof I decided the best way to achieve a level floor was to raise the level
of the rafters by four inches by laying beams perpendicular to the rafters and
parallel with the beams in question. Instead of having a deep hole around the
loft opening. I opted for a split level floor and used skirting board to give
a nice finish between the levels. I worked my way alongside one half of the loft
then came back along the other side in a circular manner. Along the way I had to
work with wood, floorboards, electrics, cladding and even lay some carpet.
It was a big project and took 4 months to complete with me working on it most
days from November 2003 to February 2004. This is what I came up with...
(Tip: Click on any photo to view it in large format)
Photo 1
My maisonette from the outside. The loft slopes in from 3 sides with a brick wall in the middle
Photo 2
The darker coloured beam is one of the beams that was already running across the loft. To have a level floor I laid more beams across the rafters
Photo 3
Once the first beams were in place I began laying floorboards. The loft falls nicely into 3 sections 8 foot wide. This is section 1 (my bedroom)
Photo 4
Laying beams for section 2 (over my bedroom and the hallway)
Photo 5
Section 2 viewed from section 1
Photo 6
The 4x2 beams were fastened down with 4 angle brackets along their length
Photo 7
One of the more unusual supports required for the floorboards to avoid water pipes
Photo 8
Beams between sections were fastened together with straight fasteners
Photo 9
Close up view of fastener between beams
Photo 10
Laying the beams for section 3 (above guest room)
Photo 11
View over kitchen roof (section 3 of second half of loft)
Photo 12
Laying insulation (4 inches) between the new beams added
Photo 13
Laying floorboards in section 2 and 3 (first half)
Photo 14
View of section 3 and the lower section around the loft opening
Photo 15
Low section around loft opening before insulation was replaced
Photo 16
Low section around loft opening before insulation was replaced
Photo 17
Working on floorboards for the low section (only temporarily in place at this point)
Photo 18
After laying the floorboards for the low section
Photo 19
Beams and insulation in section 3, side 2 (over kitchen)
Photo 20
The junk in the loft
Photo 21
View over first half of loft
Photo 22
Starting to add cladding and insulation under the eaves
Photo 23
Cladding well under way (first side)
Photo 24
Completed cladding under cross beam on first side
Photo 25
Completed cladding under cross beam on first side
Photo 26
Completed cladding under cross beam on first side
Photo 27
Beginning the cladding on the second sloping side
Photo 28
Starting the stud wall to partition the loft in two
Photo 29
To right of stud wall are watertanks and pipes
Photo 30
Starting the cladding above the cross beam (to height of false ceiling)
Photo 31
View of first pieces of false ceiling after fastening beams to hold the ceiling
Photo 32
False ceiling completed
Photo 33
Experimenting with skirting board to give a completed finish
Photo 34
Fitting the wires and junction boxes for the lighting ring main
Photo 35
First light in place
Photo 36
Light constists of 5 12V bulbs suspended from two wires
Photo 37
Second light over the lounge section
Photo 38
Third light over the office section
Photo 39
Sections 1 and 2 on second side of loft before work started
Photo 40
Sections 1 and 2 on second side of loft before work started
Photo 41
Laying the beams for sections 1 and 2 on second side of loft
Photo 42
View of tools normally lying around and in constant use
Photo 43
Laying insulation between beams of section 1 and 2 on side 2 of loft
Photo 44
Laying insulation between beams of section 1 and 2 on side 2 of loft
Photo 45
Laying floorboards for section 1 and 2 on side 2 of loft
Photo 46
Floorboards for section 1 and 2 on side 2 of loft with water tank to left and chimney stack behind
Photo 47
Starting second stud wall to partition loft with provision made for a shelf over the water tank (black)
Photo 48
Building more of the supporting structure for the second stud wall
Photo 49
Adding the first bits of cladding to make the second stud wall
Photo 50
Stud wall from rear with first wall of cupboard build (on right above water tank)
Photo 51
View from front of first wall of cupboard over water tank
Photo 52
View of second wall of cupboard
Photo 53
Adding the cladding for the third sloping wall (had to complete stud wall first)
Photo 54
Completing the cladding on the stud wall to meet the cladding on the sloping roof
Photo 55
Adding the back wall to the cupboard
Photo 56
After adding the ceiling to the cupboard. Just had to fit some spotlights in there too!
Photo 57
Another view of the second stud wall and cupboard
Photo 58
Fitting the skirting board over the kitchen roof
Photo 59
Fitting more skirting board
Photo 60
Due to different floor heights, the skirting board does not join here
Photo 61
Adding cross supports to support flooring (necessary due to design change at last minute)
Photo 62
Floor level under saw / hammer was lowered hence need for extra flooring support in previous picture
Photo 63
Fitting more skirting board around the lower section
Photo 64
More skirting board shots
Photo 65
The old beams were sanded to remove dirt and splinters, washed and then stained with oak stain
Photo 66
Stain colour goes well with the pine cladding
Photo 67
After fitting the carpet to side 1 of loft
Photo 68
Assembling the futon in the lounge area (over guest room)
Photo 69
After fitting the carpet over the lower area and the office (over kitchen)
Photo 70
After fitting shelf for cupboard and experimenting with desk in office
Photo 71
View into cupboard showing shelf, lights and socket (another late addition)
Photo 72
Final product after building the desk from a bookshelf and piece of wood and moving my computer upstairs